Bird's Nest
A safe place to grow for
children in India
"Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, ..." Psalm 84 : 4

What is Bird's nest?
Bird's nest is a development project in  India, focused on children. Bird's nest wants to contribute to the development of children living in slums, on the streets and in orphanages, empowering them to rise above their situation. A warm nest from which to spread their wings and fly, soaring freely out in the world.

Come and see for yourself what Brid's nest does and be part of it!
You can join us and help in the summercamps.
We organise a trip leaving April 29 and leaving May 14.
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Due to migration from rural areas to the city and a lack of affordable housing slums arise, consisting of anything from settlements of cane and plastic to rows of houses made of corrugated iron or even concrete buildings that have started to crumble before building them was even finished.

What does Bird's nest do?

  • Summer camps
    Bird's nest organizes yearly summer camps for children who live on the street or in slums. Around 150 children get a chance each year to go on a six days camp. They are organised in small groups, where they get a lot of love and attention. The children enjoy the games, the food, the freedom, and the lessons. Many have expressed to be especially blessed that for the first time in their life somebody really listened to them.


  • Theme "Shows"
    Puppets, drama, games, songs and stories teach the childre in a creative way about Godīs love and making the right choices in life. The programs also contain lessons in personal hygene, a  healthy diet, and other health topics. During camps Bird's nest gives sexual education, which is, after some hesitation, highly appreciated by the parents.


  • Visiting Families and Street Kids
    This very personal approach reveals needs that would otherwise go unnoticed. It also enables us to offer help in a very direct and adequate way. For instance, last year we supplied mosquitonets in a slum with chicungunya and we helped clean the house of a family. The year before we could offer an aye operation to a girl who was almost blind.


  • Educational Mediation
    Bird's nest helps children find their way into schools and educational and vocational programs. This involves mediating between children, parents, sponsors and schools. It is the first step towards a better future.


  • Literacy
    Bird's nest gives lessons in reading and writing to children on a regular basis. When during the camps a teahcer notices that a child cannot read, this issue will be addressed in the next visit to the family. The volunteer will encourage the parents to send their child to school and to a litteracy class. This can be the class Bird's nest conducts or a class run by an other organisation, depending on the address of the family. Usually the children learn to read and write in about three months, which helps them to do better in school, and prevents school drop out.


  • Training Indian Staff
    The major part of the activities of Bird's nest is done by Indian staff. Some of them live or have lived in slums themselves. They are trained on the job, coached and counseled and the change in them is highly inspirational to those around them.

What can you do?
You would be of great help to us by praying for Bird's nest, donations or having us over to share about the project. Coming over to in India is also an option…

Bird's nest gives presentations about the project in schools and churches in different creative forms. As we are based in Holland this might not be of use to you, but do contact us for more information.

Every year there is an opportunity to get personally involved in Bird's nest: An exiting trip to India, having fun and participating.  The first days you will get to know the city and the people of Birdīs nest. After that you will participate in one of the summer camps. The trip ends with a few days holiday at the beach of Goa. Costs Euro 1250 including airfare, travelling in India, accomodation and all meals. Visa, passport, vaccinations, and travelling to and from Schiphol Airport are for your own  expense. Curious? Get in touch with us!
This year the trip is from April 29 to May 15. If you would like to join us this year, get in touch with us before February 25, as applications end March 1.

More about Bird's nest?
If you would like more information you can send us your questions.

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